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Why you should spend all your gift cards by the end of January – The Globe and Mail

It’s time to put our gift cards on the table. All of them – the ones we got this holiday season, and the ones we’ve been hanging onto from way back. By the end of January, aim to have each card spent, sold or given away.Gift cards are the big problem-solver for birthdays, the holidays and othe…….


Consumers feel more confident about finances and ready to spend money: survey – Fox Business

Consumers are more confident and show greater interest in big-ticket purchases this year. (iStock) Americans feel more confident about their finances, to the extent that interest in buying a home jumped by nearly 15% in November 2023 compared to last year, despite the challenging market cond…….

Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad Reveals Billion-Dollar Debt with No Fear of Going Bankrupt – Fortune

For the average Joe, being over in serious debt can feel like a crushing burden—but not for Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki. The finance guru has a rather blasé attitude towards borrowing large amounts from the banks and recently boasted about having over $1 billion in debt hanging over…….